St. Mary's Parish Records Loretto, Kansas USA

    Photographed Copies of Church Family Records from St. Mary's Parish of Loretto, Kansas. This was the original record book of families of the St. Mary's Parish dated 1912. I will be post the photographs as I go along. Take a look at the 3 name changes as they settled on Loretto. It would be nice to know some German as you look through these pages. In all it list 99 families, but several of the pages have very little posted. I hope to post about 5-10 pages per week until all are posted
One final note on the book that states; "1932 330 Souls" 
Loretto Kansas St Mary's Church Records

Page 1. John K  Basgall Born 1862
John K  Basgall Born 1862

Page 2. John E Basgall Born 1889

Family Record for John E Basgall
St. Mary's Church, Loretto, Kansas
Page 3. Peter Basgall Born 1884

Peter Basgall Born 1884

Page 4. Johannas W Basgall Born 1889
Johannus W Basgall Born 1889

Page 5. Kaspar Breit Married 1905
Kaspar Breit Married 1905

Page 6. John L Breit
John L Breit

Page 7. Alois Hartman Born 1856
Alois Hartman Born 1856

Page 8. Casper Holzmeister Born 1855
Casper Holzmeister Born 1855

Page 9. Peter Kuhn Born 1887
Peter Kuhn Born 1887

Page 10. J P Roth Born 1884
J P Roth Born 1884
11. John Schlitter Born 1884
John Schlitter Born 1884

12. Jacob Stegmann Born 1864
Jacob Stegmann Born 1864

13. J. P. Stegmann Born 1876
J. P. Stegmann Born 1876

14. J. R. Stremel Born 1874
J R Stremel Born 1874

15. Adam Stremel Born 1881
Adam Stremel Born 1881

16. Jacob Stremel Born 1884
Jacob Stremel Born 1884

17. Anton Stremel Born 1885
Anton Stremel Born 1885

18. Andreas Stremel Born 1887
Andreas Stremel Born 1887

19. Leo Stremel Born 1889
Leo Stremel Born 1889

20. Adam Urban Born 1860
Adam Urban Born 1860

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