Weber Family Stories

4.7 Frank Weber 
    Born Feb 22, 1860 in Liebenthal, Russia
    Immigrated February 22, 1876 to Liebenthal, Russia
        Steam Ship Unknown
    Died Jul 18, 1941 in Liebenthal, Kansas   
        Married February 17, 1885
4.8 Elizabeth Kreutzer
    Born Mar 17, 1862 in Liebenthal, Russia
    Died Dec 7, 1942 in Liebenthal, Kansas

    John Weber – Born Nov 18, 1886
    3.4 Katherine Weber – Born Apr 16, 1888
        Married John L Herrman
    Andrew Weber – Born Apr 9, 1890
    Brigitta Weber – Born 1892
    Elizabeth Weber – Born 1893
    August A. Weber – Born 1895
    Mary Weber – Born Nov 8, 1896
    Joseph Weber – Born Jul 7, 1898
    Anna Weber – Born May 31 – 1901
    Ignatius Weber – Born 1901
    Alexander Weber – Born 1902
    Margaret (Emma) Weber – Born May 21, 1903
    Vincent Weber – Born 1905

    Alois Weber – Born 1907

Frank and Elizabeth Weber
         By Felix Herrman

    Frank, the son of Andrew Weber Sr. and Catherine Dobbler, was from Liebenthal, Russia, and come with the first group to arrive at what is now Liebenthal, Kansas, on February 22, 1876; it was his sixteenth birthday.
    Elizabeth was born to Adam Kreutzer and Elizabeth Graff (or Paul) from Liebenthal, Russia. They were also with the first group to arrive at Liebenthal, Kansas. She was fourteen years old.
    Frank and Elizabeth were united in marriage on February 17, 1885; nine years after they arrived in this country.
    Frank had 80 acres of land, starting one quarter mile east of the bridge – east of Liebenthal – and extending one half mile east along the south side of the road. The buildings were on the west end of this land, on the west side of the hill; the barn is still there. The Weber family lived here in the early nineteen hundreds. He also had a quarter section of land, one and one half mile east and one half mile north of Liebenthal on the east side of the road.
Frank Weber, Elizabeth Weber
& Emma Weber
    Tragedy struck early and repeatedly in the family of Frank and Elizabeth. Their daughter Brigitta, born January 1892, died when only one year old. Elizabeth, born August 1893, died at age 12. In 1918 the Spanish influenza took the life of Anton Herrman, the husband of Mary. In 1902 the twins, Ignatius and Alexander, died shortly after birth – they share a common grave. The last one born, Aloyius, 1907 died at age one.
    In the late 1920s or early 1930s they moved to Liebenthal where they spent the rest of their lives. In his 70s he still did common labor and some wheat hauling with his Ford Model ‘T’ truck. He grew his own tobacco in the back yard, dried it, and in the winter cut it up for himself and his card playing friends; it was their winter entertainment. This tobacco was so unforgettable strong that it became a legend in town. With these same friends he went fishing in the nearby creek and river; for the sport and entertainment, but mostly for the necessity, in the 1930s food was a luxury.
Frank & Elizabeth Weber
Frank & Elizabeth Weber
    They lived in a small limestone house, on the north side of the first street north of the church, the second lot east of US 183. Like so many others, their humble home never had running water, electricity, or modern heating.
    In their later years there would be one more tragedy that would tear deep into their hearts. The youngest living child, Vincent, born August 15, 1905 was shot to death in Kansas City, in an armed robbery at a soft drinks bottling plant, where he was employed. It was August 14, 1932; he was twenty seven years old. His father, Frank was 72; his mother was 70 at that time.
    Frank died from the second of two strokes, the first left him partially paralyzed, but with the help of a rope suspended from the ceiling, he could lift his body enough to get out of bed and go his way. Frank died July 18, 1941.

Grave Site Frank Weber and
Elizabeth Weber (Graf or Paul)
    On December 7, 1942, her neighbors found Elizabeth dead on the 
floor in front of her pot-belly stove that she was preparing to light that morning. She died of heart failure at age 80 only eighteen months after her husband Frank died. 

Katy Weber / Later married to John L Herrman Jr.
My Grandmother

Grandchildered of Frank Weber and Elizabeth Weber
Frances Herrman would be my mother
Also in the picture Alvin Randa, Albertine Randa, Johanna Herrman,
William Rands, Jerome Herrman, Gloria Weber, Esther Randa,
Felix Herrman, Johnny Judge

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