Sunday, May 31, 2015

World War II Philippines

Felix Herrman 1946

    I'm honored to post my Uncle Felix Herrman's manuscript from 1975 on a page dedicated to his work. He notes his manuscript as, "An unaltered eyewitness account of one of many similar battles fought in the Second World War. This one in the Philippines, on the island of Luzon, in 1945." For his service he receive the Bronze Medal and other awards. The manuscript is posted in full as he wrote it with the exception of added some titles and pictures for reference. Please click for more.

    Please enjoy this important document as part of the Herrman side of my family heritage. Also, come back soon as I continue to post his letters home and the many photographs we have of Felix and family.
    I also want to put a call out to my many cousins; it you have and old family photographs you would like included in our heritage please get a hold of my sister Sylvia or myself. We would love to share our amazing heritage with all. 
Click here for the manuscript; The Villa Verde Trail.
A Collection of things shown at the
Funeral of Felix Herrman

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