Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Finding a Great Great Grandmother

Holy Cross Cemetery Pfeifer, Kansas
    This was a difficult find and one that almost didn't happen. It was on our third trip to Holy Cross Cemetery that my sister and I found this very special marker. We originally figured she had a wooden marker and her actual site marker was lost forever, until it all fell into place. 

    The stone is marked "Mother, Lissie Urban, Daughter of Fisher". That is my Great Great Grandmother Elizabeth Basgall. Daughter of Johannas Fischer Born 1806. Elizabeth was Born in 1835 in Rothammel, Russia. She married Joseph Basgall in 1854 in Rothammel. However, just before it was time to leave Russia, Joseph passed away, March 24, 1876. Elizabeth took her 3 sons and 2 daughters and continued on the journey to the United States with Brother In-Law John Basgall. 
    This is Lissie Fisher Basgall's marker and most fittingly it is labeled "Mother". At the time of her death she was the wife of George Urban. Using her former Basgall name would not be appropriate, so they did something special, just for her. She never had children with George. Her kids left us just enough to find her resting site. They also, acknowledged just how special "Mother". It was as if they new someday we would come looking. Come back soon as we share the full store of her families immigration to the states. 

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