Friday, April 3, 2015

Welcome to Volga German Heritage Blog Site

Seven Years War
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    This is a very special day for me. Not only am I turning 59 years young today but I’m also kicking off this new blog site to share information that my sister and I have compiled over the years. Ever since my folks passed away I had a need to understand my ancestry. It’s been a great adventure that starts in Europe, around the time of the 7 Years War, in the mid 1700’s. From there, our clan traveled to the Volga River Region of Russia for another 100 years before making the immigration journey to the United States around 1870. We found cousins in Argentina, Siberia and parts of Europe.

Catherine the Great Palace
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    Just image the courage it took for these families to travel across nations. They first traveled from the despair of post war times in Europe to uncertainty of new lands and broken promises in Russia. Then, the adventure of a new land and difficulties brought on with language barriers and lack of resources they experienced coming to the United States. Close family left behind in Russia were lost to persecution, death and seclusion in Siberia. It’s amazing what the Volga German Immigrants endured for future generations, I am so thankful for being a descendant of theirs.
    I hope you come back often as we share the Volga German Heritage that is built around 7 generations of families. We will be presenting their; stories, communities, traditions and the methods we used to gather our information.
   This work builds on the countless efforts of people before us that researched and assembled their notes just as we are taking on today. There are many groups and societies compiling and sharing their work on the Volga German Heritage. We will do everything we can to link you to these sites. We hope they can provide valuable information as you learn more about this great group of people.  Hopefully, this site will also be a source of information as you continue your genealogy research on your Volga German ancestors.
   Doing the math, seven generations come out to researching 128 family names. Most of which we have already complied for you and will be sharing soon. That’s 7 Generations of Grandparents. I hope we found one of them ties us together as distant cousins. We will start by presenting the pedigree information that brings our family trees together. Much of this is available on line, checking out ship records and census & church records from around the world. We will also share our visits to cemeteries as we try to photograph and document the final resting places of our ancestors.  
    I hope, if you are visiting this site, it’s because we are cousins and share the same amazing Volga German Heritage. If so, please drop us a comment once in a while so we can compare notes, stories and pictures of our proud and determined ancestors.
   Do come back often!

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