Friday, April 3, 2015

The Basgall Heritage

    The Basgall bloodline is very unique.  It’s unique because it starts with the union of a French man who had traveled many miles to meet a young Russian woman.  
Basgall Immigrants to the United States

    Together by invitation of Catherine the Great they traveled to the wilderness of the Volga River Region of Russia and started an Ancestry that is now 11 generations and growing.  This union of a French man and a Soviet woman was the start of  German Volga Immigration that started to Russia around 1765 and 100 years latter expanded to the United States, Brazil and Argentina.  
    As we work together to document the Legacy of Jean Baptist Pasqual (Basgall) and Stephanida Ivanova I hope we can share how a French man and Russian women became entangled in Volga German Heritage.  May this Web Page become the gathering place for Basgall’s from around the world? Chapter 1 is now on the Basgall Page.

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